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PIC bootloader

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From: Luki Goldschmidt

To: Shane Tolmie
Subject: bootload

Hi Shane!

I MUST tell you that the bootloader is simply GREAT! I got it to work within a few minutes and was really amazed when I uploaded by code and it worked on the FIRST try! Wow! This sure makes my project so much easier and saves time too -- it really takes seconds to upload the code.

If you're interested, we're building a laboratory microbial fermenter; see here:

Thanks again!

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----Original Message-----
From: Ken Boak
Sent: Friday, 2 March 2001 11:59 a.m.
Subject: Thanks for PIC bootloader


Earlier this week I came across your bootloader, and can report that it is now up and running. The discovery of the Bootloader was perfectly timed as I am currently developing a simple module to carry a 16F877 to allow target hardware to be developed with a direct PC serial link.

The pcb carries a 16F877, a MAX232, a 9 pin D-type connector for serial link to PC and 8 way RJ45 to connect to target hardware. If the '877 is fitted into a wirewrap socket, this in turn can be plugged into any target board which has a 40 way DIL socket fitted for the processor.

My main area of development is intelligent home automation hardware, with a micro-web server connected via a V23 modem to the standard telephone line.

I have developed V23 modem code and DTMF tone generation code written for any PIC from a 16C54 upwards.

I am combining this to put a communications front end onto the wwwPIC web server. This should just fit into the 1k codespace of a 16F84.

Your bootloader was the missing link to reduce coding turn around time and thus get this module up and running quickly.

I soon hope to make the V23 and DTMF routines available for others to use directly in their projects to obtain inter-PIC connectivity using the conventional telephone network.

Thanks Again,

Ken (London)

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