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Tutorial for MinGW

This page explains how to install and run MInGW under Windows, in order to complete the programming challenges under UVa Online Judge.

UPDATE: Dev-C++ from is a viable alternative to this tutorial. Dev-C++ is a full GUI for MinGW.

First, read the UVa tutorial.

Then, to complete the UVa exercises under Windows, follow these instructions:

  • Download and install UltraEdit from
  • Install MinGW from MinGW sourceforge.
  • Install MinGW, ensuring that C++ is supported.
  • Download ultraedit_make.bat (1KB) and save it into c:\mingw\bin\make_ultraedit.bat.

    ---start c:\mingw\bin\ultraedit_make.bat---
    @echo off
    rem from
    rem Make file for UltraEdit
    rem Companion file for UVa online judge, at:
    rem First parameter %1 is path, eg: C:\Test\
    rem Second parameter %2 is filename, eg: filename
    rem Third parameter %3 is extension (including dot), eg: .c
    rem Compile the program
    rem You will have to install mingw from

    c:\mingw\bin\g++ %1%2%3 -o %1%2.exe

    rem Run the executed program - but only if it compiled.

    cd %1

    rem You can see that the input to the compiled program
    rem comes from a file with an extension .txt rather than .c

    %1%2.exe < %1%2.txt
    ---end file---

  • Install UltraEdit.

  • Select Advanced..Tools..Configuration:

  • Alter the options to point to c:\mingw\bin\ultraedit_make.bat.

  • Alter the output to appear at the base of the UltraEdit screen.

  • Now, we can compile and test a sample program.

    Download 11172.c and 11172.txt. Save them to the same directory.

  • Load up both files into UltraEdit. As you can see, 11172 contains sample input that will be sent into the program via the "cin" statements.

  • Switch to 11172.c, then select "Advanced..Compile and Run". Next:
    (a) The program is compiled to "11172.exe".
    (b) The program is executed.
    (c) "11172.exe" receives input from "11172.txt" via the "cin" statements.
    (c) The output from "11172.exe" is piped back the base of the ultraedit screen.

    You can now upload this program to, to see how it is judged. Find the program 11172, it is located under "Browse Problems :: Contest Volumes :: Volume CXI :: 11172 - Relational Operator".

  • Congratulations. You have uploaded your first program to You can now hone your program skills by solving other problems. There is over 2,500 problems to complete, and you can see your ranking compared to 80,000 other programmers.
  • To further hone your programming skills, read Springer.Verlag,.Programming.Challenges.(2003).KB.pdf.


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