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CCS C Compiler for Microchip PIC micros

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  Where to get a huge PIC library of C code

Check out his home page, or his library of C code.

I've been using this library for a while now, and in my opinion, it has saved me literally months of frustration. Read on for more ...

One of the most well known and respected sources is from Peter Anderson. He has written a huge library of PIC routines in C, and they are available right now.

  • over 19,000 lines of sample C code
  • over 95 files, each file a complete example
  • each file has many sample routines in it
  • code examples for the
    • PIC12C50x
    • PIC12C67x
    • PIC16C73
    • PIC16F84
    • PIC16F87x
  • sample schematics on how to build all the hardware
  • covers topics too numberous to mention, but includes
  • example projects
    • EEPROM memory
    • I2C interfacing
    • RS232 serial routines
    • LCD interfacing
    • Dallas 1 wire interface
    • A/D, PWM
  • ... and much, much more

Peter has poured a lot of time and effort getting these routines up to a quality standard. They have all been thoroughly tested. He has released a small sample of them on his web site, to give you an idea of what his code is like. To compensate for the 2 years work that has gone into it, he is releasing the rest as a commercial library.

Ordering was simple. I went to and filled in my details. is one of the worlds biggest internet stores, and they have a reputation to uphold. They have complete protection for you in case of credit card fraud or non-delivery of goods.

A big package arrived on my doorstep 5 days later, and inside was ...

  • a ringbinder, with all the sample routines and sketches of the hardware schematics. Its 1" thick of paper.
  • a 1.44Mb floppy disc with all the sample code



  • Quality routines for the PIC micro, written in C
  • Sample schematics for the PIC micro hardware
  • Good value for money - it saved me literally months of work, all for a small cash investment
  •  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone


  • The library is written for CCS C. If you use Hi-Tech, it may require minor changes. However, I have not found this a problem as the library is written to be portable. Most routines can be used without any modification at all. If modification is required, its just simple things like in-built register name.

Check out his home page, or his library of C code.

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