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CCS C Compiler for Microchip PIC micros

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Dear Customer,

A large number of customers, both corporate and hobbyist, have used this frequency customization service. All of them, without exception, have been up and running quickly, and happy with the results (as of 1st May, 2004).

If you are not satisfied with the service, I am happy to refund your money via PayPal, within 30 days.

Best regards,
Shane Tolmie (BEng. Elec. Hons.)

p.s. You can read through the forums devoted to this bootloader, to verify if anyone has been unhappy with their purchase.

PIC18Fx52 bootloader custom frequency order page

To order the (N) Mhz (N=selected) version of the 18Fx52 bootloader for $US49, click below.

If you require frequencies of 10Mhz or 40Mhz, these are available for download within seconds of completion of the ordering process.Other frequenies will require 2 to 4 working days for delivery.

This site is non-profit. Ad revenue almost covers hosting costs.

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