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CCS C Compiler for Microchip PIC micros

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18Fxxx tutorial and C optimization tips

From a recent Microchip conference, this giant 7.6Mb Adobe Acrobat .pdf file has everything you need to get started on using the PIC18Fxxx chips.

Highly recommended, especially the section on 'Optimizing C source code for compiler efficiency'.

  • PIC18FXXXX architecture, peripherals and special features
  • PICmicro product overview including future products
  • PIC18FXXXX development tool overview
  • Audio Spectrum Analyzer Demo Board design
  • Lab 1 - Install MPLAB 6.0, MPLAB ICD 2, MPLAB C18, Demo Board, Create Project, Compile and Run, Display Message
  • Lab 2 - Develop a traffic light
  • Lab 3 - A/D Sampling ISR, Fill A/D sample buffer
  • Lab 4 - Apply DFT to A/D sample buffer, scale and display DFT results.
  • Lab 5 - Extra credit- Add Automatic Gain Control
  • Appendix A: Optimizing C source code for compiler efficiency
  • Appendix B: PIC18FXXXX Instruction Set, PIC16/17 migration
  • Appendix C: PIC18FXXXX Flash Programming Tips
  • Appendix D: PIC18FXXXX Peripheral Calculation Spreadsheet


Download either Adobe Actobat .pdf (7.6Mb) or Winzip .zip (4.9Mb).

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