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CCS C Compiler for Microchip PIC micros

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8th June 2007. Added data type header for Hi-Tech C. Makes handling of data in Hi-Tech C easier.

4th June 2007. Corrected the delay routines for the PIC18Fx core.

22th January 2007. Added dsPIC bootloader. This bootloader has auto-baud rate detection, and works with any dsPIC via a configurable XML file.

17th January 2007. Added PIC18F1320 bootloader.

17th January 2007. Added Samsung KS0713 Graphical LCD Driver project for the PIC or dsPIC.

16th January 2007. Added dsPIC30Fx source code in C for C30 compiler.

24th Dec 2005. PIC16F87x and PIC16F87xA bootloader v9.50 released. Added PICC-LITE compatibility. Many thanks to Nozomu Muto.

12th January 2007. Revamped site navigation to add side tabs.

7th August 2006. Updated some minor documentation regarding the bootloader.

27th August 2005. PIC16F87x and PIC16F87xA bootloader v9.40 released. This is an extremely critical update - read the notes in the release file.

7th July. PIC18Fx and PIC16Fx delay routines updated.

11th June 2005. PIC18F4550 USB RS232 COMx source code updated with install instructions.

19th April 2005. Utility to generate LCD dot matrix drivers. See LCD source code

19th March 2005. Plug your PIC18F4550 into your USB port, and send RS232 characters via a virtual COM port. See source code.

12th January 2005. Over 350,000 people visit this site every year. Advertise on

26th November 2004. Added MMC and 24LC256 routines to source code examples.

12th November 2004. PIC18Fx52 bootloader available for download.

24th September 2004. 16F87xA bootloader v9-30 - fixed quad alignment bug for 16F87xA parts.

10th September 2004. 16F87xA bootloader v9-21 - added new Windows client written in BC++ . Built in Terminal. Speeds up development.

9th June 2004. 16F87x-A bootloader v9-10 - new version with quad-alignment issue addressed.

8th June 2004. Alpha test opportunity for new Linux PICCGUI. This is a new Linux GUI Interface for Hitech PICC/PICC Lite. First 10 people only. Email:

1st June 2004. Updated site to add forum.

24th May 2004. Site was down for 4 days due to a hard drive failure at our ISP. This problem has been receified now.

10th May 2004. PIC18Fx52 bootloader updated.

5th February 2004. Microchip experiences record growth.

14 December 2003. Updated Shane Tolmies 16F87x bootloader to be compatible with the 16F87xA.

25 November 2003. Planned site revamp is in progress.

24 September 2003. Microchip Jumps to Number One in Worldwide 8-bit Microcontroller Shipments. See

6 September 2003. Getting closer to final release of 2nd generation 18Fx bootloader.

11 June 2003. Next generation of 18Fxxx bootloader is scheduled for release in the 4th quarter of 2003. This bootloader is a quantum leap over previous designs.

15 April 2003. PIC16F87xA bootloader v2-21 released.

4 April 2003. PIC16F87xA bootloader v2-01 released.

20 February 2003. This website receives an award for 'Best PIC site devoted to embedded C programming.'

30 January 2003. PIC16F87xA bootloader v2-00 released. PIC16F87x bootloader v8-20 is also available.

10 January 2003. Review of CCS C compiler released. You've gotta check out the new C code wizard!

9 January 2003. Review of Hi-Tech C for PICC18 released.

29 December 2002. PIC16F87x bootloader v8-20 released. PIC16F87xA bootloader v1-20 released.

16 December 2002. DonTronics offers a range of PIC micro products online - great service, good prices.

28 September 2002. 18Fx52 bootloader v1.5 released.

27 August 2002. 18Fxxx bootloader v0-89 beta released.

12 August 2002. 18Fxxx bootloader to be released in 4 days.

1 August 2002 PIC18Fxxx UART routines released.

9 July 2002. 18Fxxx bootloader to be released in 4 weeks.

27 June 2002. 18Fxxx delay routines released.

23 June 2002. Added Google search to this site.

27 May 2002. Atmel AT25256 EEPROM routines released.

2 April 2002. Updated Linux version of 16F876 bootloader. PIC bootloader.

11 April 2002. Linux version of 16F876 bootloader released. PIC bootloader.

8 April 2002. Review of DLP designs USB based development tool for the 16F876. An excellent new tool! Details.

5 Apil 2002. New version of bootloader! Now v7-60 supports low voltage chips such as the 16LF876, and MPLab-ICD programming. PIC bootloader.

22 March 2002. We have qty. 873 of surplus PIC16F876 chips, 4Mhz, DIP package. We are selling them off cheap at $US2.50 each. Sold out.

23 Jan 2002. Added a link to the best Real Time Operating System (RTOS) for the PIC - Salvo from

10 Jan 2002. User feedback - "Great site, well organised, a lot of resources and regularly updated - its the best dealing with PIC C programming. Thanks to all the ones involved".

7 January 2002. Added a link to USB interface code in Hi-Tech C for the PIC16F876. Many thanks to Craig Peacock. See source code.

1 January 2002. Happy new year everyone!

14 December 2001. Another fine piece of engineering from Mike Pearce - a 16F84 based pulse monitor, with date/time logging from an I2C based time chip to an RS232 serial port. Browse.

4 December 2001. Released delay routines v6-0. Browse.

1 December
2001. Relased PIC bootloader v7.40. Compatible with 16F87x and 16F7x - download your .hex file in seconds without a programmer!

5 November 2001. Updated delay and timeout routines. See sample code.

September 2001. Use a MPLab-ICD to run native 12C672 code written in C. Browse.

9 September 2001. Check out for a huge resource on PIC programming.

13 August 2001. Microchip announces that its top software development priority is MPLab-32, the next generation of MPLab software.

8 August 2001. PIC16F87x bootloader v7-30 released. Browse.

7 August 2001. Updated ' Speed/size optimization tips for C on a PIC micro'.

30 July 2001. PIC16F87x bootloader v7-20 released. Browse.

25 July 2001. Mike Pearce has developed a 16F84 based 50/60Hz phase controller for TRIAC or IGBT brightness control. Includes C source plus schematics. Entire Project.

9 July 2001. Linux / Java version of PIC16F87x bootloader released by 3rd party. Browse.

3 July 2001. How to have four PIC16F87x chips on one RS232 bus. Read.

23 June 2001. Hi-Tech C releases new v7.87 patch level 2 of their standard compiler.

12 June 2001. Added routines for PIC16F876 to 24LC01B EEPROM. Browse.

12 June 2001. Added link to BlitzLogic, for sample C code.

7 June 2001. PIC16F87x bootloader v7-10 released. Browse.

1 April 2001. Now you can have your say with the vote :)

10 May 2001. How to integrate MPLab and an editor such as UltraEdit. Read.

1 May 2001. Hi-Tech C releases new v7.87 of their compiler. Now with smaller code size, support for structure / union viewing, #warning, and a host of new features.

26 April 2001. Sample project explaining how to do PIC16F876 to PC comms via RS232, with Hi-Tech C and VB6 sample code. View.

20 April 2001. Link to Ken Boaks page added, using PICs and telephone circuitry. Links.

15 April 2001. Why do I need a common ground point for mixed analogue/digital circuits? Read.

30 March 2001. New PIC bootloader v7.00. View.

27 March 2001. This months featured article - "If I had to condense 3 years of PIC micro experience into one page, what would I say?" Read.

26 March 2001. Mike Pearce has donated a treasure trove of sample projects. These cover everything from the Dallas 1-wire temperature probe to I2C, LCD, delay, and PID code. 10 complete projects, lots of source, in Hi-Tech C, plus schematic diagrams. See sample code.

22 March 2001. Mike Pearce has supplied over 200k of sample code in Hi-Tech C. Six complete projects, ranging from battery charger to temperature control. Example of Dallas 1-wire interface. See sample code.

20 March 2001. Source code for initializing / reading / writing EEPROM on PIC16F87x. See code.

19 March 2001. Under 'links', added link to PIC micro code in assembly, see base of EPE magazine page.

6 March 2001 Added a link to PORTMON program to monitor serial RS232 comms between other programs.

28 Feb 2001 Linear Tech LTC2404 24 bit A/D module, interface via SPI bus, source code in Hi-Tech C. See sample code.

19 Feb 2001 Updated MPLab and Hi-Tech C tutorial for the trial version of Hi-Tech C - read.

1 Feb 2001 Example project in MPLab v5.20 for Hi-Tech C 7.83pl3, showing how to output decimal using putch(). See source code.

18 Jan 2001 How to use EEPROM on a PIC12CE674. See source code.

24 Dec 2000 Updated PIC and Hi-Tech C FAQ with stack levels.

8 Dec 2000 New version 6-51 of PIC16F87x bootloader - now with searching and additional support for DOS and Linux under a DOS emulator.

6 Dec 2000 How to program OSCCAL bits on a PIC12Cx67x with Hi-Tech C. See FAQ.

7 Nov 2000 How to use the 93XXX EEPROM chip utilizing built-in hardware SPI for 16X and 17X series micros. See sample code archive.

5 April 2000 Completed first version of bootloader.

2 Feb 2000 Completed first version of FAQ for this site.

11 Nov 1999 Uploaded first
version of this site to the web.

This site is non-profit. Ad revenue almost covers hosting costs.

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